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    UESTC Shared China's COVID-19 Prevention and Control Experience in A High-level International Journal

    Two findings of COVID-19 Prevention and Control from UESTC Clinical Hospital of Chengdu Brain Science Institute·the Forth People's Hospital of Chengdu were introduced recently by Psychiatry Research, a high-level international medical journal.


    "COVID-19 Prevention and Control strategies for Psychiatric Hospitals" is one of the findings that revealedthe contingency plan of the hospital: first, considering the special mode of psychiatric hospital management, the hospital carried out a series of measures on imported case prevention and control as well as on infection and outbreak containment inside the hospital; then, by fully combining the hospital infection prevention and control with the epidemic itself, it kept improving management from details, providing solid underpinnings for the orderly conduction of clinical work in psychiatric hospitals.

    During the outbreak, the hospital adhered to the principle "defense against the import of infection, prevention of internal outbreak". In order to enforce tough measures on hospitalization, the hospital issued explicit rules of psychiatric patients’ hospitalization and tried to admit troublemaking patients with mental disorder as many as possible while safeguarding other patients in hospital by setting up emergency psychiatric unit for transition and observation. At the same time, each unit, in line with its work, carried out plans on COVID-19 Prevention and Control, made clear the rules and procedures for visit and prepared its own quarantine wards for the observation and isolation of patients with fever or inpatients who returned to the hospital. By doing so, zero infection was ensured in the lockdown wards, representing a preliminary progress in COVID-19 Prevention and Control.


    Offering references for the following work of the hospital against the epidemic, another finding, the "Stressors of nurses in psychiatric hospitals during the COVID-19 outbreak" introduced the five significant stressors faced by nurses in psychiatric hospitals: higher exposure risks than peers in general hospitals, inadequate preparedness for the outbreak, conflict with the original professional value, the roles conflict between family and work, the delay of personal life and career planning. The results of the study could draw the world's attention to the stressors of psychiatric nurses during the COVID-19 outbreak, help solve their problems and reduce the turnover of psychiatric nurses during the outbreak and afterwards.

    Psychiatry Research is known to be an international academic journal that plays a decisive role in the field of psychiatry. When COVID-19 Prevention and Control were getting increasingly tough, UESTC Clinical Hospital of Chengdu Brain Science Institute·the Forth People's Hospital of Chengdu published its research findings, providing valuable experience for the world professional institutions in mental health and also contributing the Chinese strength to the global fight against COVID-19.

    Paper links:




    Translated by Zhang Kehan, supervised by Liao Min.


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