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  • Why UESTC
    I Come I Experience I Lean I Grow

    UESTC is a national key multidisciplinary university specialized in electronic engineering and information science and technology with a harmonious integration of science, engineering, management and liberal arts. It has enjoyed high reputation both at home and abroad.

    ★Key Facts about UESTC

    38,000—— 38,000 students in UESTC(including undergraduates, masters and PhD candidates).

    3,800—— 3800 UESTC staff (2,500 faculty members, 620 professors).

    1,600—— Over 1,600 international students from over 100 countries.

    676—— Real Estate Holdings: 3 campuses with 676 acres.

    "The pacesetter in Chinese Electronic Universities"

                                             ---Jiang Zemin ( Former Chinese President, 1993---2003)

    "China's cradle for national electronic industry"

                                             ---Widely Acknowledged by the Public

    "The university turned out most IT talents in China."

                                              --- INTEL Survey

    UESTC Listed in the Top 200 of Academic Ranking of World Universities

    ( Engineering: Top 100 )

    Latest Discipline Ranking in China


    Electronic Science and Technology    

    Information and Communication Engineering        


    Computer Science and Technology    


    Optical Engineering        


    Instrument Science and Technology    

    Biomedical Engineering    

    Software Engineering    

    Management Science and Engineering    

    Business Administration        


    Control Science and Engineering    

    Material Science and Engineering    

    Mechanical Engineering    

    Public Management


    A+: Top 2% or Top 2; A: Top 2% ~ Top 5%; A-: Top 5% ~ Top 10%;    

    B+: Top 10% ~ Top 20%; B: Top 20% ~ Top 30%.    

    Latest Ranking by U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities

    #12 Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    #26 Computer Science

    #89 Mathematics

    #92 Engineering

    #174 Materials Science

    #273 Neuroscience and Behavior

    #475 Physics

    #521 Chemistry

    Latest Ranking by QS World University Rankings

    Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Top 250

    Computer Science & Information System: Top 450

    Engineering & Technology: Top 500

    Mathematics: Top 400

    Physics & Astronomy: Top 500

    Latest Ranking by Times Higher Education World University Rankings

    Engineering & Technology: Top 300

    Life Sciences: Top 300

    Computer Science: Top 400

    Emerging Economics: No. 151

    Latest Global Ranking by Essential Science Indicators (ESI)

    Engineering: No. 65 (Top 0.45‰)

    Computer Science: No. 43 (Top 0.945‰)

    Material Science: No. 34 (Top 2.71‰)

    Physics: No. 490 (Top 6.91‰)

    Chemistry: No. 871 (Top 7.08‰)

    Neuroscience & Behavior: No. 620 (Top 7.32‰)

    Biology & Biochemistry: No. 801 (Top: 7.81‰)

    Mathematics: No. 221 (Top 8.67‰)